SIH In the Community

What is a Community Benefit?

We make every effort to fulfill our not-for profit mission to “improve the health and well-being of all of the people in the communities we serve.” Besides providing charity care and financial assistance to patients, we want to positively impact our communities by extending care beyond hospital walls and into the neighborhoods where people live and work.

Community benefits are the programs and services that SIH offers to meet these community health needs, in partnership with schools, workplaces, churches and other community-minded groups. The Community Benefits Department seeks to bring health-related programs to the areas where they are most needed.

$1,705,101–Given Back to the Region

SIH Community Benefit Programs
  • BASIC (Building Asset-Strong Involved Communities)
  • Blood Borne Illness Clinic—BRIC
  • Coordinated School Health (CATCH)
  • Emergency Oral Health Care
  • Kohl’s Cares
  • Medical Legal Partnership SI
  • Project Power
  • Start Walking Paths
  • $350,039 – Grants, Sponsorships & Contributions
  • $802,246 – Community Health Improvement
  • $552,816 – Community Building Activities