Physician Relations Department

Cathy Blythe, MBA, FACHE

System Manager, Planning and Physician Recruitment
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Cathy has been with Southern Illinois Healthcare since 1999, and joined the Physician Relations team in 2013. Dedicated to the recruitment of high quality, skilled clinicians, Cathy has oversight for all physician recruitment activities at SIH. In addition, she oversees the development and deployment of the SIH Strategic Plan. Cathy obtained a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and MBA with a focus in Healthcare Management from Southern Illinois University. She is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and member of the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters.

As a native of southern Illinois, Cathy receives great satisfaction contributing to the growth and enhancement of healthcare services for the area. Recruiting and retaining exceptional medical staff enables SIH to meet their mission of improving the health and well-being of all of the people in the communities served. Cathy is proud to be part of an organization with a focus on ensuring that healthcare needs are met while providing the highest quality of care to all patients.


Alexis Depre, RN, BSN, MBA, DASPR

Physician Relations Manager
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Alexis has lead the Physician Relation Team for Southern Illinois Healthcare since 2007. 20 years of progressive healthcare experience and management including a graduate degree in Business with Healthcare Administration focus. Access and market share continues to grow with the help of the Physician Relations recruitment and retention efforts. Alexis strives for hospital-physician and physician-physician collaboration and is solution oriented. She is responsible for the deployment of the physician development plan for the region, provider coverage for strategic services, physician partnership survey and retention activities. Hospital System oriented, Alexis efforts attract qualified and desired physicians to join Southern Illinois Healthcare.

Alexis sits on several hospital committees including the Steering Committee for the SIH Foundation. Alexis is committed to teamwork approach; creating healthcare access for the region and connecting the work of Southern Illinois Healthcare with the region. Alexis is a subject matter expert in physician recruitment and has authored or contributed to several publications. Alexis is a member of ISPR, ASPR and several recruitment networks. Show casing Southern Illinois to prospective candidates and families is very satisfying.


Michelle Castoldi

Michelle Castoldi, A.A.T.

Physician Relations Coordinator
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Michelle has worked in the health care industry for almost 20 years. She has lived in southern Illinois her entire life and can’t imagine living anywhere else. As the Physician Relations Coordinator, Michelle has the opportunity to meet many new and interesting people. She helps the physician recruiters in any way possible to insure that the people of southern Illinois will have access to the BEST physicians available. Michelle truly enjoys helping physicians through the visa process.


Christy Siemer

Christy Siemer, BBA, CNMT, RT(N)

Recruitment Specialist
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Southern Illinois Healthcare captured Christy’s heart in 2003, where she began her career with SIH as a nuclear medicine technologist. Patient care has always been a priority for her and she wanted to be able to reach and help more patients than she could see clinically. Christy returned to school and earned a degree in business administration. Shortly afterward she joined the physician relations department as a physician recruiter.

Christy now feels that by bringing the highest quality physicians to Southern Illinois Healthcare she is helping all of the people of southern Illinois, not just those she cared for clinically. Her passion for excellent healthcare right here at home drives her to find the best physicians for SIH. It is very fulfilling for Christy to be a part of the quality and growth of healthcare in southern Illinois.