Acute Rehabilitation Center FAQ

Q. Can I pick which rehab program I want to go to?

Absolutely. Once you meet the criteria required for admission to an inpatient rehabilitation program, it is your right to choose the facility where you receive care.

Q. How do I know if I meet the criteria?

Once your doctor writes an order for a rehabilitation consultation or screening, the case manager at the hospital should contact the admissions coordinator at the Acute Rehabilitation Center. Information regarding your current medical conditions and abilities to perform daily activities will be shared. Based on this information, as well as federal and state regulations, the admission coordinator and the medical director of the Acute Rehab Center will determine if the center is the best place for you. This information will be relayed to the hospital case manager who will then discuss this with you and your family.

Q.How will I transfer to Herrin Hospital?

The hospital case manager will make arrangements with you and your family to coordinate a transfer time. If you are healthy enough to ride in a private car, the hospital staff will assist you into the car and your family will drive you to Herrin, where hospital staff will help you into the rehabilitation unit. If you are not able to be transported by private care, the hospital case manager will make arrangements for a wheelchair van or an ambulance to transport you to Herrin Hospital.

Q. Will insurance cover my transportation to Herrin Hospital from another facility?

This depends on a number of variables, including your current medical condition, the type of facility you are coming from and the type of insurance coverage you have, among other criteria. The hospital case manager will discuss your transportation options with you and your family before being transported.

Q. Will my regular family physician be included in my rehabilitation care?

While we do not discourage physicians from visiting patients, your care will be directed by a physiatrist (a physician who specializes in rehabilitation) during your stay at the Acute Rehabilitation Center. Your primary care physician will, under most circumstances, not see you, because each hospital allows only approved physicians to treat patients. Your physiatrist and the resident physician will communicate with the doctor who referred you, if you wish. Since this can be confusing, your case manager will help you understand what doctor you will see after discharge.

Q. What if I don’t feel like therapy during the day?

Intensive therapy is the reason for your stay. Therefore, we strongly recommend you do your very best to participate in therapy each day. It is incredibly important to your progress and your ability to return home

If you have additional questions please contact 618.942.2171.