The Breast Center

When it comes to an abnormality of the breast, you want answers. The Breast Center is the region’s leader in prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Our facility is the first in southern Illinois to bring patients 3D mammography (or breast tomosynthesis). Our skilled and compassionate staff uses the latest technology in a patient-friendly facility.

Breast Cancer Care

Meet Our Medical Director

The Breast Center is led by medical director, Dr. Nova Foster, board certified breast surgeon.

Drs. Suven Shankar and Marsha Ryan also provide on-site consultations.

Additionally, a Breast Cancer Care Team meets weekly at the SIH Cancer Institute to review prospective treatment planning for every newly diagnosed cancer patient. The team includes the surgeon, radiologist, medical oncologist, pathologist, radiation oncologist and nurse navigator. Together, the team plans the best course of treatment for that individual. That plan is reported back to your primary physician.

About SIH Cancer Care Teams

Services Offered at The Breast Center

  • Digital & 3D Mammography: 3D mammography (or breast tomosynthesis) increases the accuracy and detection of breast cancers, especially cancers in younger women, in women with dense breasts and in pre- or peri-menopausal women. Additionally, breast ultrasound is also an integral part of your work-up.
  • Minimally Invasive Biopsy Technique: If needed, minimally invasive biopsy techniques are available for same-day visits. If a suspicious area is found, an on-site biopsy allows us to immediately sample the area and make a diagnosis. This procedure reduces the time you spend waiting for answers.
  • Risk Assessment: Risk assessment and counseling for women with risk factors is also available. Your personal breast cancer risk can be estimated, and options for enhanced screenings and/or prevention can be evaluated.
  • Breast MRI: If a breast MRI is necessary, MRI imaging technology is available at the Memorial Hospital of Carbondale.

The Breast Center of Southern Illinois Healthcare follows nationally recognized screening mammography standards from the American College of Radiology and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, which recommends the following screening schedule.

1. Annual screening mammography beginning at age 40 but no later than age 45.
2. Screening can begin on women under the age of 40 if they have an increased risk of breast cancer.
3. Screening should continue as long as the woman is in good health.