Meet Your Cancer Team

Not Just a Second Opinion, a Team Opinion

There are a variety of ways to treat any specific cancer. It’s never just black and white. The cancer type, stage location of tumors, and much more, determine the course of action to take. At the SIH Cancer Institute, five teams meet regularly to discuss breast, lung, head/neck, gastrointestinal, genitourinary and other cancer cases.

Together they formulate the best plan of care given all the variables. They consider different treatment options from their individual specialties. There are a lot of questions to be answered. What does the scientific literature say about this type of tumor? How will the patient respond psychologically to certain treatments?

Highest Level of Care

Ultimately, it’s one person’s disease, analyzed and treated by a team of physicians and specialists.

Southern Illinois patients are fortunate to have this level of care available. This team conference approach to cancer treatment is comparable to academic and metropolitan hospitals.

“Treatment of someone with cancer is not a straight line, but rather a web woven from the expertise of many different people. Accordingly, a thoughtful, team-based approach to each person’s cancer is necessary to achieve the best result.”–Dr. Michael Little, Radiation Oncologist

Physicians on Your Cancer Team

Gastrointestinal Cancer Group
Genitourinary Cancer Group
Head/Neck Cancer Group
Lung Cancer Group
Breast Cancer Group