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For Immediate Release February 27, 2020


MURPHYSBORO, IL — A new outpatient heart failure clinic in southern Illinois will allow folks in the community to receive care closer to home and reduce hospital stays.

Heart failure impacts more than 6 million people. One of them is Terry Burns. In 2008, a virus attacked Burns' heart, which led to heart failure and eventually a heart transplant. He said throughout the whole ordeal one thing gave him hope: going home. That's why the new clinic is so important.

"There's nothing worse than being told you have CHF and have to lay in a hospital bed. You're laying on the table, and they say we are going to put you in a room, and you're by yourself. You're thinking about what's going to happen. If they send you home, that's great. You can be with your family," said Burns.

The new clinic is at SIH St. Joseph Memorial Hospital in Murphysboro. It will provide a lot of the care they would normally provide in a hospital setting without patients being admitted.

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