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For Immediate Release May 14, 2020

(WSIL) -- Infectious disease experts say, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, you should leave your gloves at home the next time you run an errand.

"We do not recommend the public wears gloves when they're outside--especially in the supermarket or anywhere else," said Doctor Sarah Altamimi with SIH. "Wearing gloves just adds a false security sense that you are not really benefiting from at all."

While masks prevent the spread of the virus through droplets, gloves don't offer actual protection.

Doctor Altamimi says the virus is not spread through touch, and gloves may make people less likely to wash their hands.

"Gloves can harbor bacteria and viruses themselves, and it can live on those gloves longer. And by touching things and touching your face, your mouth, your eyes, you're also going to be transmitting the disease," Dr. Altamimi said.

Experts say people touch their face much more often than they realize.

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