For Immediate Release July 31, 2023

"It's a great thing to see a guy go from basically bedridden to now he's walking on his own." said SIH Physical Therapy Assistant Miles Vaughn. 

"It's terrible just being locked up in your room and in bed all the time. You just don't have any freedom." said Terry Horn. A man who is learning to walk again on his own after a series of health issues.

Horn spent about 150 days in SIH Herrin Hospital after being bedridden for months. He'd developed gout and couldn't walk. After getting released, Horn started doing therapy several times a week at SIH Outpatient Rehabilitation in Harrisburg

"This machine helped to safely get him up to where we could start moving," Vaughn said.

He's referencing the Arjo Sara Plus. The safe-patient mobility device has been a game changer in Horn's recovery. He started developing strength in his legs and was able to use the device to walk several steps around the facility. 

"He started with just standing up on it and then got to where there's a few steps and a few steps became 20 steps and then he got to where he got about 200 feet without resting," Vaughn said. 

Horn has since progressed to using the Arjo to warm up and then using crutches to walk during his rehabilitation sessions. 

"I've been able to walk maybe 20 feet or so with crutches and that's a wonderful start. I haven't been able to do that in over a year or so. I'm tickled to death. Tickled to death," Horn said.

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