Big Donation to Help Mental Health Patients

Memorial Aux Donation

On October 24, the SIH Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Auxiliary presented a $150,000 check to the SIH Foundation in support of the renovation and expansion of the SIH Mulberry Center in Harrisburg. The major gift kicks off the fundraising effort for the proposed $18 million project to add beds and create a medical psychiatric unit. It's the first time an SIH auxiliary has earmarked funds for a sister facility.

SIH Interns Gain Valuable Experience

SIH Interns 2023

We are all familiar with the crisis level shortage of healthcare workers across the United States. This reality can especially be felt in rural America. We are excited to announce that SIH has become a leader in creating innovative solutions to keep the best local talent from our region working here in southern Illinois and taking care of you.

SIH Providers Share Knowledge With Medical Students

SIH Providers Share Knowledge With Medical Students

Nearly 80 first year medical students got the chance to connect with doctors to get a glimpse at future careers in medical specialties. SIH teamed up with the SIU School of Medicine for the unique event on April 20 at the Carbondale Civic Center.

Heart Health Technology

Dr. Rizwan Khan on WJPF

About an hour. That's the time it took from the emergency department at SIH Herrin Hospital to the cardiac catheterization lab at SIH Memorial Hospital to save a Herrin woman's life. The impressive 61-minute door-to-balloon time measures the second Evelyn Williams arrived at Herrin to the moment interventional cardiologists opened a blocked artery during a major heart attack last year.

Emergencies and First Aid Kits

Dr. Barbie Gatton

First aid kits come in all shapes and sizes. Dr. Barbie Gatton says one of the most important things to consider when putting your kit together is customizing it for your own family's health needs. 

When to Call 911: Trauma

Did you know falls are the leading cause of traumatic injury among patients seen in our Level II Trauma Center at SIH Memorial Hospital of Carbondale? The hospital treats about 500 patients a year for injuries and complications from falls.

Hospital Week: SIH's 75th Anniversary

SIH 75th Anniversary

SIH's Founding Fathers: Dr. J.W. Barrow, a Campbell Hill native, well-grounded in Southern Illinois values. Dr. Brown was a teacher prior to going to medical school at Washington University in St. Louis. After medical school, he joined the armed services in World War I and worked at a base hospital in France. There were two types of base hospitals, stationary and general hospitals. Base hospitals often were housed inside pre-war buildings such as seaside hotels.