Getting Ready—Month by Month

First Month:
  • Relax and let the good news soak in
  • Avoid saunas and hot tubs that are too hot for the tiny growing baby
Second Month:
  • Find a doctor with whom you feel you can really connect
  • Pick up a Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Birthing Center binder from your doctor
  • Continue to provide your baby with a good growing environment
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco and all recreational drugs. Use only meds prescribed by your doctor
  • If morning sickness is a major problem your doctor might refer you to the dietician for some help
Third Month:
  • Read the material in the Birthing Center binder
  • Fill out and return the pre-registration form to the Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Admissions desk in the front lobby
  • Keep doctor appointments and contact him/her with any problems
  • If income eligible, sign up with Women Infant & Children (WIC) services
Fourth Month:
  • Your doctor may refer you for outpatient Women’s Rehabilitation if you need help coping with the discomforts of pregnancy
  • As your body alignment changes, be sure to practice good body mechanics
  • Consider how you plan to feed your baby
  • Sign up for a Breastfeeding Class
Fifth & Sixth Months:
  • It’s time to check into educational opportunities
  • Register for Prepared Childbirth Classes
  • Dads should check out Boot Camp for New Dads
  • Learn more about newborn care, infant car seat safety and infant CPR by signing up for the Life With Baby Class
  • Older siblings may want to enroll in Big Kids and Babies Class
  • Begin thinking about which doctor you want to care for your baby
  • It’s not too early to think about day care for your baby
  • Learn about cord blood donation
Seventh & Eighth Month:
  • Continue to keep those all important doctor appointments
  • Attend the classes for which you signed up
  • Enjoy the baby showers
  • Begin to set up the baby’s nursery
  • Make sure you have turned in the pre-registration forms
  • Check with employer about adding baby to insurance plan
Ninth Month:
  • Finish setting up the nursery
  • You should have chosen your baby doctor by this time
  • Pack your suitcase
  • Talk over your birth plan or birth wishes with your doctor
  • Make family arrangements for the big day
  • Try to sit back and relax. Your life is about to change!