Meet the Cancer Patient Navigators

Patient Navigator

Tonica Anderson, RN, BSN, OCN
Lung, Gastrointestinal
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Tonica has a diverse background in nursing, which includes several years in oncology, as well as an OCN certification. She previously worked in home health & hospice for several years, then in community outreach and education. She is a member of the Illinois Cancer Partnership Executive Committee and has worked at the SIH Cancer Institute since 2009, just after her mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer. All of these experiences led Tonica to choose to become a cancer patient navigator.

“I have seen firsthand how devastating hearing the words ‘you have cancer’ can be not only to the patient but also to the family. As a navigator, my goal is to make what is typically considered a really bad time in someone’s life a little bit easier.

Patient Navigator

Diane Clayton, RN, OCN
Head/Neck, Genitourinary
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Diane Clayton, OCN, has been with Southern Illinois Healthcare for 18 years, serving primarily in Radiation Oncology. While her daily work meant interacting with patients and families as they go through a cancer diagnosis, she was most impacted by her father’s lung cancer diagnosis in 2013. His experience opened her eyes to see firsthand that care does not stop after an eight hour day.

“That event is why I chose to become a cancer patient navigator. My goal is to provide you the best care for my patients and family members. I will be your advocate as well as your partner. You are not alone – together we will take this journey.”

Patient Navigator

Krystal Zsido BSN., RN, OCN
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Krystal has been an oncology nurse since 2007 after graduating from Murray State University. Her passion is oncology and guiding both patients and caregivers throughout the journey. Her goal is to foster real hope and empowerment during this time by encouraging patient education and advocacy.

Krystal is humbled by her patients. “I learn so much more from you than I could ever give back,” said Zsido. “Cancer is not just about understanding the disease and the treatment. You are more than a diagnosis. It’s important to celebrate and recognize you personally.”

Financial Navigator

Jackie Austin
618.985.3333 ext 68317 |

When diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, I know financial burden comes into many of our patients’ minds. This comes at this crucial point at a time they need to be focusing on healing. This is where I come into play and start investigating their insurance benefits. I can then try to find the best form of assistance to help lesson that burden.