Meet the Cancer Patient Navigators

Lung & Colorectal Patient Navigator

Cindy Davis, RN, CHPN
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Cindy decided to become a patient navigator after four years as a case manager at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale and ten years as a hospice nurse. Cindy believes her experience in nursing and hospice makes her well-suited as a navigator, where she empowers patients to make choices about their own plans of care.

“I tell my patients that my title is Cancer Patient Navigator, but my role is to be their partner, buddy, cheerleader, coach and fellow warrior. I support the decisions that they make when others may not. I answer questions that others may find too difficult to discuss. I am always honest, even if it hurts.”

Breast Health Patient Navigator

Donna Crow, RN, CBCN
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Donna Crow, RN, CBCN has been a nurse for over 20 years. But her real journey with breast cancer began when she herself was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in 1999. During her recovery, she began organizing a monthly support meeting of cancer survivors called Women With Hope. Since those early days, she has made it her mission to combine her personal experience with her nursing background to help other women through their breast cancer journey. She has been cancer free since 2000, and is now in her sixth year as southern Illinois’ Breast Health Patient Navigator.

“I understand first-hand the impact of a cancer diagnosis. There are a lot of thoughts and emotions that come with it. My goal for the women and men I come in contact with is to be there to help them through the journey. It can be long and bumpy.”

Genitourinary, Head & Neck Cancer Navigator

Diane Clayton, RN, OCN
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Diane Clayton, OCN, has been with Southern Illinois Healthcare for 18 years, serving primarily in Radiation Oncology. While her daily work meant interacting with patients and families as they go through a cancer diagnosis, she was most impacted by her father’s lung cancer diagnosis in 2013. His experience opened her eyes to see firsthand that care does not stop after an eight hour day.

“That event is why I chose to become a cancer patient navigator. My goal is to provide you the best care for my patients and family members. I will be your advocate as well as your partner. You are not alone – together we will take this journey.”