Prevention & Early Detection

Healthy Lifestyle Choices are Crucial for Cancer Prevention

SIH Cancer Institute Offers special community outreach programs and free screenings frequently throughout the year. Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to take advantage of tools that could save a life.

Community Outreach Programs & Free Screenings

Smoking Cessation

Freedom From Smoking is the new American Lung Association, 7-week program that addresses the physical, mental and social aspects of nicotine addiction. Sixty percent of participants quit smoking by completing Freedom From Smoking in conjunction with smoking cessation medications. You’ll be six times more likely to be smoke-free after one year.
Most insurance plans cover this outpatient service. To learn more or inquire about payment options. Call 618.942.2171 ext. 35394.

Patient Navigation

Who needs a navigator? Everyone. A Cancer Patient Navigator is a is a free resource who is available to anyone in southern Illinois looking for resources on cancer care such as:

  • Cancer education classes(For individuals or community groups)
  • Speakers at health fairs and wellness screening programs

Meet the Cancer Patient Navigators

Breast Self Exam

Breast self-examination is a very important part of being female. Beginning in their 20s, all women should know how their breasts normally look and feel, so they can immediately report any changes to their physician. Make an appointment to learn the most effective method of performing a breast self exam. Classes are taught by the breast health patient navigator. Schedule an appointment or book a group session today by calling 618.457.2281, option 3.

Buddy Check 9

A buddy check is an easy thing to do. — Once a month, we remind you to do your monthly breast self-exam and then call your buddy and remind her to do the same. Our hope is that cancer is discovered in its early stages, when it is most treatable. Join us on Facebook and receive your reminders. In fact, ask your buddy to join, too.

Screening Mammography

Mammography is a fast, simple procedure that helps distinguish between cancerous and non-cancerous lumps. Through the use of screening, breast cancer can be found years before it is detected by a self-breast exam or by a physician’s exam. Eighty percent of all breast lumps are non-cancerous.

To schedule a screening mammogram call The Breast Center: 1.800.360.6902