BJC HealthCare of St. Louis, CoxHealth of Springfield, Mo., Memorial Health System of Springfield, Ill., and Saint Luke’s Health System of Kansas City, Mo., partnered together in October 2012 to create The BJC Collaborative, L.L.C., to achieve even higher quality care for the patients served by these independent not-for-profit health care organizations. Blessing Health System of Quincy, Ill., joined The Collaborative in May 2013, and Southern Illinois Healthcare joined in September 2013. While remaining independent, the Collaborative members have a footprint of 4,821 hospital beds spanning Missouri, Illinois and Kansas, and combined annual revenues of almost $7 billion, allowing the members of the BJC Collaborative to focus on:

  • deploying clinical programs and services to improve access to and quality of health care for patients
  • lowering health care costs and creating additional efficiencies that will be beneficial to patients and the communities served by the member organizations
  • achieving cost savings

Additional opportunities that may be explored by the Collaborative include developing and sharing best practices around:

  • Population Health Management – population health information and assessment, physician recruitment and engagement strategies, and accountable care organization and medical home development
  • Clinical and Service Quality – performance improvement, staff development and training including e-learning, management and leadership development, clinical skills training, clinical decision support, safety event reporting and emergency preparedness
  • Capital Asset Management – supply chain relationships, facilities design, clinical engineering, technology evaluation, energy conservation and facilities management
  • Financial Services – capital resource analysis, treasury operations, revenue cycle, business intelligence and actuarial expertise
  • Information Systems and Technology – Meaningful Use of Health IT, data center management, data warehousing, software applications, hardware configurations and emerging technologies, and data security and patient confidentiality

The BJC Collaborative Partners

BJC HealthCare

  • Based in St. Louis, Mo.
  • Serving metro St. Louis, mid-Missouri and southern Illinois
  • 13 hospitals
  • 28,000 employees
  • Adult and pediatric academic medical centers affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine


  • Based in Springfield, Mo.
  • 25-county service region
  • 3 hospitals
  • 9,000 employees
  • Affiliated with University of Missouri Columbia School of Medicine

Memorial Health System

  • Based in Springfield, Ill.
  • 40-county service region
  • 3 hospitals
  • 6,000 employees
  • Affiliated with Southe

Saint Luke’s Health System

  • Based in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Service area includes greater Kansas City metro region
  • 11 hospitals
  • 9,700 employees
  • Affiliated with University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine

Blessing Health System

  • Based in Quincy, Ill.
  • Serves west central Illinois, northeast Missouri and southwest Iowa
  • 2 hospitals, group medical practice, medical specialty products
  • 2,900 employees
  • Affiliated with Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Southern Illinois Healthcare

  • Based in Carbondale, Ill.
  • 11-county primary service area
  • 4 hospitals
  • 4,000 employees
  • Affiliated with SIU School of Medicine, Prairie Heart Institute and Siteman Cancer Network