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Hope is Home 2

Expanding the Cancer Institute and continuing the journey of hope and healing.

The SIH Cancer Institute opened its doors in March of 2015 as the region’s first and only dedicated cancer treatment center. It has become a tremendous asset to the people of Southern Illinois and the surrounding region, allowing our patients to be treated close to home where family and friends can be with them through their treatment process. Having this close network of support is vital to the positive outcome of care.

However, since opening, patient volumes have expanded at a rate much higher than anticipated. Each day, over 300 patients seek care, up from 100 just a few years ago. Infusion and lab services have more than doubled their number of visits with the availability of new chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biotherapy. In 2018, there were a total of 127,090 physician visits, radiation treatments, infusions and lab visits. In 2019, there were 169,886 - a 34% increase. We simply cannot meet all the need for care and treatment that the people of Southern Illinois deserve without increasing our capacity.

In addition to the benefits that will be realized through this expansion, SIH Cancer Institute is proud to have joined the Siteman Cancer Network to improve the health of Southern Illinois Communities and residents through cancer prevention, research and access to specialized care. Learn more about this partnership.