Second Act Celebration Generic


 April 25, 1999, a memo was distributed to SIH staff announcing the start of a new aging services program. At the time it was called it SIH Senior Advantage. That was 25 years ago! With that, a small team set out to bring education, resources and fun for our Southern Illinois senior adults.

Membership today in what we now call SIH Second Act is nearly 6,000 people! What a pleasure it is to serve a diverse group and make strong connections. Ultimately, it fills the SIH mission of improving the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

Second Act programming brings people together. For us it’s about making friends, building connections and having fun. Here’s how:

  1. Health & wellness classes. Second Act members show eagerness to learn. It’s important to be an advocate for your health. Our goal is to provide tools, information and opportunities to improve health and well-being. It’s also a great opportunity to meet local experts.
  2. Medicare counseling. What a tough subject. When our counselor walks people through Part D enrollment in the fall, we estimated saving members thousands of dollars in prescription costs. *This position is currently vacant, but we’ll be replacing soon.
  3. Star Groups. There are around 13 Star Groups within Second Act. These are led by members with a special passion or hobby. Games, crafts, exercise and more are on the list of options.
  4. Resources. We love being a resource for services within SIH. You can always talk to a person at Second Act. We enjoy being the catalyst to introduce you to providers and people in the community, especially if that helps you in some way.

Being a member of SIH Second Act means you get access to our classes, activities and events. Our only stipulation is that you’re 50 and older. Join today.

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