Dr. Kelli Webb

Dr. Kelli Webb offers suturing tips to first-year medical students.

"This event is about more than suturing. It's about connecting with doctors-to-be early in their training. It's about creating an impactful program and long-term commitment to students in our community and focusing on local talent to stabilize the healthcare workforce of not just SIH but for all the amazing hospital systems and clinics in our southern Illinois region," said Dr. Kelli Webb.

Several SIH surgeons shared their expertise in March. They helped a group of 70 first-year SIU medical students practice suturing.

This valuable training helps give the medical students direct access to our surgeons.

SIH surgeons with expertise in wound care, podiatry, trauma, cancer, bariatrics, general surgery, vascular surgery and plastic surgery took part in the event in Carbondale.

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