Birthing Center Overview

Intended to make you feel like you have all the creature comforts of home, the Birthing Center provides accommodations that give you a sense of just that.

Birthing Rooms

Our birthing rooms are spacious and private, yet with all the equipment needed to deliver the baby. In these rooms labor, delivery and your immediate recovery all happen. Three of these rooms are equipped with Jacuzzi tubs to help you relax. If this is a feature you desire, please let your nurse know.

Mother/Baby Suites

Following your immediate recovery in a birthing room, you will be moved to a comfortable mother/baby suite for the rest of your stay. Nearly all of these suites are private, but five of these rooms can be converted to doubles, should the need arise.

In these rooms you will not only recover, but start the journey of getting acquainted with your new baby, who can stay in the room with you as much as you wish.


During your stay at The Birthing Center, we ask that you keep your baby in your room with you. This will allow parents to not only become more familiar with their child’s needs, but also more in touch with the care their child is receiving. Rooming-in is also very beneficial for breastfeeding, and gives parents the time to get to know their babies and receive assistance from nurses, as needed, before heading home.