Prairie STAT Heart Hospital Network

Closing the Gap Between Diagnosis & Treatment

When a heart attack strikes, it’s a race against time. Experts agree—treatment within the first 90 minutes of a heart event is most critical and in a region as vast and rural as southern Illinois, miles between where you live and the treatment you need also translate into minutes.

To close the gap between diagnosis and treatment, Prairie STAT Heart was born. This coordinated program is an effort by all members of the Memorial heart team and the medical staffs at area community hospitals throughout southern Illinois. One call from a community hospital sets in motion dozens of people including doctors, nurses, technicians and first responders. By working in unison, Prairie STAT Heart has proven successful in reducing potential damage to the heart and ultimately saving lives.

The Prairie STAT Heart program works to get heart attack sufferers from emergency rooms to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale for proper treatment within the 90 minute golden window.

Participating Hospitals

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