Dr. Tera Lannom, SIH Chief Nurse Executive at SIH Harrisburg Medical Center

SIH Harrisburg Medical Center

SIH Harrisburg Medical Center (HMC) is a distinguished healthcare facility, proudly serving Southern Illinois with a focus on mental and behavioral health. We stand as a beacon of hope, offering a range of services to support individuals facing mental health challenges. Our Mulberry Center, the only public inpatient psychiatric unit south of Springfield, IL, is a testament to our commitment to providing accessible and high-quality mental health care to the community.

Our nurses are at the forefront of mental health nursing, providing specialized care to individuals in need. Join a team that values your compassion, dedication, and expertise in supporting patients on their mental health journey.

Nursing professionals are not just integral to patient care—they are instrumental in shaping the care environment. Nurses actively contribute to decision-making processes, ensuring that their insights and expertise are valued. Our commitment to shared leadership means that every nurse has a voice and is empowered to lead by example. SIH Harrisburg Medical Center nursing staff have actively participated in designing the nursing stations and patient rooms, creating spaces that prioritize both patient comfort and efficient care delivery.

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