As a not-for-profit healthcare organization, it is a privilege for us to care for all the people in the communities we serve, regardless of their ability to pay. The community is our valued partner in this work and we thank all of you who are able to give—whether it be your time, talent, or donations. With you, we are able to provide better healthcare to thousands of people in Southern Illinois.

The SIH Foundation provides financial assistance to our most vulnerable patients and community members in times of need during their cancer treatment or upon discharge from one of our facilities. We work every day to lessen their financial burden so they can concentrate on wellness and recovery. We also fund equipment, construction, and improvement projects at our hospitals and the SIH Cancer Institute in order to provide the best healthcare services to our community.

With you, we are making Southern Illinois an even better place to live, work and thrive.

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SIH Giving Society

Thank you to our generous donors!

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SIH Foundation Board of Trustees

  • John Antes, President
  • Daniel Booth, Chair
  • Steve Falat, Vice Chair
  • Gary Greener, Secretary
  • Mike Monchino
  • George Sheffer
  • Jan Payne
  • Mary Moreland
  • Jeff Speith
  • Jamie Green

SIH Foundation Staff

  • Jocelyn Popit
  • Erin Campbell
  • Amy Marshall
  • Amanda Sheffer
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