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Our Mission.

The challenge is real. Heart and vascular disease remains the #1 killer in the US, and southern Illinois is not immune. Our goal is to see that you get the care you deserve–the best heart and vascular care. Prairie Heart Institute Southern Illinois Healthcare accepts this mission with great enthusiasm. Our relentless passion inspires us to adapt ourselves to better serve this region. We promise to continue to grow, expand our treatment options and make your life better.

What’s New at Prairie Heart Institute

Treating Chronic Heart Disease by Altering the Structure

Like any structure or machine, the heart requires maintenance. It’s why doctors push diet and exercise as any automotive shop recommends an oil change and tire rotation. Sometimes the fix requires changing the fluids or opening the pipes (the stent). On occasion it requires a work around (the bypass surgery). Sometimes it’s an electrical problem (the ablation).

When that doesn’t work, it may require getting some new parts (the structure).

Conditions such as atrial fibrillation (AFib), stenosis, heart defects, and heart failure are all considered chronic issues of the heart that might best be served by addressing the structure of the heart.

New innovative structural approaches at Prairie Heart Institute are improving the lives of people who may be living with a “beater.”

  • open heart valve repair or replacement
  • minimally invasive valve repair
  • new implantable structural devices

All of which lead to

  • fewer visits to the hospital and the costs associated with those visits
  • a lower risk of stroke
  • improvement of other cardiovascular conditions or diseases
  • better quality of life and functional capacity

A structural solution could help you live better. If you are struggling to manage a chronic heart issue, talk to your doctor about the structural heart specialists at Prairie Heart Institute.

Vikas Kalra, MD
Gangadhar Malasana, MD
Cristian Sarateanu, MD
John Watson, MD
Magdalena Zeglin, MD