Pediatric Unit

Caring for Our Community’s Children

When your child is ill, acclimating him/her to a hospital stay is not always easy. At Memorial Hospital of Carbondale’s (MHC) Pediatric Unit, we work together with you and your child to make the visit a more pleasant one and provide the individual care needed for their personality and development.

Your Pediatric Team

Eight area pediatricians provide physician services at MHCs dedicated unit, as well as family physicians, orthopedists, surgeons and ENTs. Staff members are all pediatric trained to provide age-appropriate nursing care. Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certified nurses are also on staff. All work together to provide quality health care while allowing the “kids to be kids.”

About the Facilities

The Pediatric Unit contains 14-beds with private and semi-private rooms. You are encouraged to remain with your child 24-hours a day and the rooms are designed to accommodate the family. A continental breakfast is provided and a lounge is available for adults to take a break and relax.

Security for children is something the pediatric staff takes seriously. State-of-the-art safety measures are used with security wristbands fitted for each child.

The brightly colored unit is specifically designed for children age newborn to 18. It also contains a Ronald McDonald Foundation playroom, books, TV, VCR and movies, video games and other amenities just for kids.