SIH Cancer Institute

Cancer is not an easy journey. At a time when one needs to concentrate on inner strength and healing, the logistics of the situation create a great deal of stress. Treatments can be rigorous. The medical visits can add up to nearly 100 appointments in the first year. It’s when you need help of family and friends the most.

Let the Comfort of Home Help You Through Journey

The SIH Cancer Institute is the answer to an unmet need in southern Illinois. In large part to the generosity of southern Illinoisans, who saw this need with us, we give you the region’s first dedicated cancer treatment center.

Our goal is to offer you the expertise of specially-trained physicians and cutting edge technology while easing the burden of a cancer journey. Let us help reduce the stress of logistics, so you can put your energy into healing.

It matters that we do this right. At SIH, we’ve put several key elements into place:

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Diagnosis & Planning
  • Treatment
  • Support & Survivorship
  • End-of-Life

Becoming a Patient

A cancer diagnosis can be found in a variety of ways, but quite often it’s discovered following regular tests or screenings that have been ordered by your primary care physician.

Once a suspicious abnormality is located, your doctor will likely refer to a hematologist/oncologist practicing at SIH for additional tests and to officially diagnose.

Often times, you can expect more testing to determine all aspects of the cancer type, size, prognosis, etc. With all this information, your case is then presented to our multi-disciplinary team made up of SIH Cancer Affiliated Physicians to decide the best course of treatment.

Should you have opted for a second opinion in a metro area, your treatment can still happen close to home. We all use the same medicine. Talk to your physician to share his/her treatment plan with us at the SIH Cancer Institute and we can facilitate the care, making it easier on you and your family.

Outstanding Patient Care You Deserve

With these elements, our program is accredited by the Commission on Cancer. In other words, we are measured on how well we do. We’re proud to say in 2014 we received the Outstanding Achievement Award by the Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons (ACS). Our program is one of a select group of only 75 U.S. health care facilities with accredited cancer programs to receive this national honor for surveys performed last year. While this is wonderful, our work is a continuous process of improvement.

Thanks to the Community

The SIH Cancer Institute would not be possible without the support of southern Illinois families and friends. We are humbled by the contributions of many in our community. From behind-the-scenes technology to the beautiful healing gardens to the signed beam of support silently resting in the infrastructure; these contributions come from that place inside us all…the mission to give strength to our family and friends battling cancer.