SIH has instituted additional precautions to assure our patients safety at all of our facilities.

Should you need immediate or emergency care, please do not hesitate to seek care with us.

  • If you experience symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, or sustain a serious injury like a severe burn or broken bone, call 911 and get to one of our Emergency Departments as quickly as possible.
  • If you experience an urgent, non-respiratory injury or symptoms such as a twisted ankle, stomach pain or a minor cut or burn, please visit one of our Urgent Care or Walk-In Clinics.
  • If you experience respiratory symptoms, call our COVID-19 Hotline at 844.988.7800 and consult with a clinician about whether your symptoms might be COVID-19 related and you need to be seen.

For non-urgent symptoms, like allergies, rash, earaches or sore throat, call your doctor or send your doctor’s office a message through MyChart.

Your safety has always been our highest priority

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