Healthcare providers aim to create public awareness about stroke risk factors, signs and symptoms and to lessen the occurrence of stroke during May, but awareness should be a year-round focus. 

Rich Davis, a local broker/realtor, has long been an advocate for care close to home. He was able to recover just minutes from his home at SIH Inpatient Rehabilitation at SIH Herrin Hospital.

"I was backing out of the parking and still feeling absolutely fine, and then all of a sudden, something wasn't right," Davis said.

After a brief stay in a St. Louis area hospital, Davis had the choice of where to go to continue his rehabilitation. 

"I was really happy to have had that facility so close to home as I went into then intense rehab after that. The folks there were extremely instrumental, in getting me going again. Learning how to walk,
you know, learning how to write, comprehending, critical thinking skills to get the brain working again," Davis said.