SIH Brain & Spine Institute

Neurosciences is a vast specialty dealing with problems than can affect how you walk, talk, reach, see or feel. Because the nervous system is so interconnected, it’s difficult to get to locate the true source of the pain, numbness or other issue.

When you have severe neck or back pain, for instance, what you want is answers. That’s where the SIH Brain & Spine Institute comes in—to coordinate neurological care in a way that ensures timely evaluation and accurate treatment.

Our goal is to work together as a team to find the source of your discomfort and give you relief.

What we do is ground-breaking for this region: We remove the barriers that might keep you waiting for months to get answers. Our interdisciplinary team approach presents each case and pools their knowledge. They review the nature of your pain and analyze all of your diagnostic information. Then the plan of care is made.

Our team members include:

Interventional pain physicians
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians
Nurse navigators
Rehabilitation professionals
Advanced practitioners

With the help of the Brain & Spine Institute staff, patients will:
  • Avoid long wait times before seeing a physician
  • Enjoy a quick, easy referral process
  • Avoid unnecessary office visits
  • Receive timely treatment from the most appropriate specialist

Along the way, nurse navigators track each your progress through treatment, while maintaining ongoing communication with your referring physician.